Self-Portrait by Baccio Bandinelli

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He was only her half brother, but still… with Robb and Bran and Rickon dead, Jon Snow was the only brother that remained to her. I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again.

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Francisco de Zurbarán

The Battle between Christians and Moors at El Sotillo, ca. 1637–39

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"In 1370 the Spanish forces were saved from a night ambush when a miraculous light revealed the hidden Moorish troops. This picture depicting the miraculous event was painted for the apse of the Carthusian monastery of Nuestra Señora de la Defensión in Jerez de la Frontera. It formed part of a large, three-tiered altarpiece which comprised fourteen paintings and additional sculptures." (+)


Photograph of Sultan Hamengkubuwana VII of Yogyakarta, taken by Cephas (remember him? Here’s a post about him if you are interested).

The photo was supposedly taken in Keraton because of the Dampar Kencana (golden throne) the Sultan was sitting on, and because of the costume worn by the Sultan at that time.

From Tropenmuseum, circa 1880-1890.

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Tiara de las Flores de Lis dates back to King Alfonso XIII who offered it to his bride Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg as a wedding gift in 1906.

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Francis Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds, by Benjamin West, 1769.

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jon snow is fabulous everyone else stand back

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